Grow Without A Garden: 101 Plants for Containers
Lara Lucretia Mrosovsky

Grow Without A Garden: 101 Plants for Containers

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Grow Without A Garden: 101 Crops for Containers 

From the author of An Illustrated Guide to Growing Food On Your Balcony, comes a new illustrated book featuring one hundred and one edible and medicinal crops for containers, rooftops and small spaces. This new guide is just as accessible, practical and unpretentious as its predecessor.

Each intracately hand drawn plant illustration is accompanied by condensed yet thorough instructions for successful growing, making it easy and user-friendly for new gardeners. I am quite literally drawing from my experience as a gardener, spending the last eight years producing food on a rooftop with soil only seven inches deep. The focus is on productive and adaptable plants that are easy growing in various conditions. I am committed to publishing recommendations and that I can say from experience are reliable.

Lara Lucretia will be presenting a 3 day workshop series through the Toronto Botanical Garden.   This workshop is designed for gardeners who wish to apply or adapt their knowledge to growing on roofs, balconies and other unlikely places. 

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