DIY Cacti and Pots Kit
DIY Cacti and Pots Kit

DIY Cacti and Pots Kit

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Our No-Wheel, no-firing home Pottery DIY Kit contains everything you need to sculpt 3 mini succulents and 3 mini pinch pot bowls. Finished product 4-5” tall…great paperweight or decoration!

Our kits are fun to do alone, and are also great activities during date nights, girls' nights, sleepovers, and get-togethers with person or via Zoom!

Our DIY Pottery Kit contains:

  • Premium air-dry clay, - White (400gm)

  • 1 Paintbrush,

  • 3 Wooden Potters tools,

  • Craft Sponge,

  • Craft Wire

  • 1 Wooden dowel

  • Easy-Peasy Written and visual instructions


✿For this kit, we supply written and visual instructions for 4 types of projects: 3 Succulents and pinch pots. They are for beginners and easy to follow.

✿ After finishing your project you will have to wait 3-4 days for the clay to completely dry and it's ready to paint!

✿ Clay: Extremely easy to work with, it can be molded into solid, durable objects that can be decorated in an imaginative way with paints (included) or multi-surface markers (not included). The clay hardens on exposure to the air without any need for baking.