Bulb Planter - 2 requested
Bulb Planter - 2 requested
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Bulb Planter - 2 requested

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Help our horticulture team work smarter not longer and harder!

The TBG horticulture team is in need of a variety of new tools. Time has taken it's toll on our equipment and our team is struggling with everyday tasks.

Our gardeners and volunteers are in the garden day in and day out ensuring the gardens remain a beautiful, relaxing and rejuvenating place for you to enjoy. And, the garden is needed now, more than ever before!

Do you enjoy our wonderful display of tulips and other bulbs?? Currently, they are all hand planted. Help our gardeners with this back-breaking task by purchasing a bulb planter. 

Let's show our appreciation to the horticulture team for all their hard work! Purchase a bulb planter and help make their day a little easier!

 Premium Bulb Planter - 2 requested

 Thank you for your support!

NOTE: this is a donation for the purchase of equipment for the TBG horticulture department. No physical product is being sent to the donor. Donors will be recognized for their support and will receive a tax receipt for the full value of their donation.