Pothos N Joy 6 inch pot

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This beautiful and delicate pothos variety N'Joy, has smaller, thinner leaves with more pronounced areas of variegation. It was discovered by the University of Florida back in 2002 and has been enjoyed by houseplant enthusiasts ever since. Like other types of pothos, it is known for being low-maintenance and easy to grow indoors. Plus it looks great in hanging baskets, tabletop planters, or trailing from shelves and bookcases. 


'NJoy' prefers a bright, indirect light to partial shade. Direct sunlight will damage the leaves. Low light will cause the variegation to fade. 

Pothos N joy plant needs very little water to survive. It’s best to water when the soil is dry down to about 1″ inch deep. Reduce watering in winter.  Be very careful not to overwater any pothos. They can easily suffer root rot.

Toxic to adults, children, and even pets. While they aren't typically deadly, pothos plants have an insoluble calcium oxalate crystal within their leaves and stems.