Peony Coral (lactifolia) Charm 2 Gallon Pot (b)
Peony Coral (lactifolia) Charm 2 Gallon Pot (b)
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Peony Coral (lactifolia) Charm 2 Gallon Pot (b)

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Recipient of the American Peony Society Fold Medal and the Award of Garden Merit, from the Royal Horticultural Society. The Coral Charm peony is one of the first peonies to bloom, and it is an award winner because of its exceptional beauty. The Coral Charm forms blossoms that are large, semi-double, bowl-shaped blooms, and has elegant incurved petals that are a coral-peach color, that will gradually fade to pale ivory. The Coral Charm will bloom starting in late spring – early Summer will flower for approximately for 7 to 10 days. The Coral Charm makes an excellent cut flower, but also looks beautiful in the garden. The Coral Charm is reliable and vigorous. It grows in a lush, bushy mound of glossy, dark green foliage that will remain attractive throughout the Summer until frost.

Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Light Requirement: Sun, Partial
Bloom Time: Spring - Summer
Height: 24 - 36"