Peony Bowl of Beauty (lactiflora) 2 Gallon Pot
Millgrove Perennials

Peony Bowl of Beauty (lactiflora) 2 Gallon Pot

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Lovely fuchsia pink petals create a bowl around the pale lemon yellow center of each bloom. The stunning spring flowers are displayed on sturdy, upright stems above the lush green foliage. An excellent background plant for spring bulbs, or for use in mixed or shrub borders. A choice cut flower. An herbaceous perennial.

  • LIGHT:  Full Sun, Partial Shade

  • SIZE:  2-3 Eye Division

  • ZONE:  3-8

  • BLOOM TIME:  Early (Mid spring)

  • HEIGHT: 34 - 36 inches

  • SOIL REQUIREMENT:  Well-drained, deep, fertile soil