Native Plants - Woodland Walk Revitalization Project
Toronto Botanical Garden

Native Plants - Woodland Walk Revitalization Project

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The Woodland Walk Revitalization Project needs your help!

Goal: $1,000


Time and natural attrition has taken its toll on the plant materials in the Woodland Walk. 

The Woodland Walk design combines a native woodland and prairie garden, providing a year-round habitat for birds and other wildlife. Many of the plants are native to the Canadian Carolinian Forest.

This garden located at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Leslie Street, is highly visible from the street and announces the presence and beauty of the gardens that lie beyond. It has diverse and multiple missions: to be an outdoor classroom to educate, both passively and actively; to promote sustainability, conservation and biodiversity; and to showcase horticulture.

Help us revitalize this important green space!

Support the planting of new native materials in the Woodland Walk by making a donation today!

All donors will be recognized with a plaque in the garden

Thank you for your support!

NOTE: this is a donation for purchase and planting of new native plant materials . No physical product is being sent to the donor. Donors will be recognized with a plaque in the Woodland Walk. All donors will receive a tax receipt for the full value of their donation.