Narcissus Poeticus Recurvus, 5 pack
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Narcissus Poeticus Recurvus, 5 pack

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Narcissi, are among the first flowers to bloom in the spring. You'll just love growing Narcissi as they bring a promise of warmer weather, along with a burst of color to the still grey landscape of your yard and flowerbeds. A member of the Narcissus family, Narcissi originated in the woods of Europe. Like other bulbs, Narcissi are easy to grow. Pop a few a bulbs into your flower bed in the fall and Voila..... They awaken brightly in the spring!
     Colour Orange, White and Green
     Bulb Size 12 - 14 cm
     Bloom Size 16" H
     Sun Requirements Full to Part Sun
     Fragrant Yes
     Deer Resistant Yes
     Plant  Sept - Dec
     Bloom Apr - May
     Plant depth 6"
     Space apart 6"