Lilac Belle De Nancy 3 Gallon Pot
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Lilac Belle De Nancy 3 Gallon Pot

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French Lilac ‘Belle de Nancy’ is intensely fragrant with double pink flowers and green foliage. The upright panicles appear as pink-mauve buds in spring and blossom into lilac-pink petals, fading to a blueish hue in summer. For the best flower display, it is important to prune immediately after flowering. Syringa ‘Belle de Nancy’ has mid-green, heart-shaped foliage in spring and summer. They make a wonderful cut flower and look great with peonies or roses. The Lilac is a very common ornamental plant in gardens and parks because of the attractive, sweet smell of its flowers. It grows best in a sunny location.

The Lilac is a reliable spring-flowering shrub for cold winter landscapes. They are excellent as a specimen/accent or in small groups, shrub borders, hedges or screens. Lilacs are also great for cottage gardens and as margins of woodland gardens. Great cut flower. If you want to attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies to your landscape, lilacs are a great choice for this.

Zone: 2
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 10′ high x 7′ wide
Shrub Form: Upright, spreading
Foliage Color: Blue-green
Flowers: Double, pink
Flowering Time: Spring
Growth Rate: Moderate
Uses: Specimen, Hedge, Screening