Be an Honorary Beekeeper!
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Be an Honorary Beekeeper!

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Why is beekeeping so important? Let us count the reasons:

  1. Bees Make Honey
  2. Beekeeping is Comparably Inexpensive
  3. Beekeeping is Relaxing
  4. Beekeeping is Rewarding
  5. Beekeeping Offers a Connection to Nature
  6. Bees Are Great for Your Garden
  7. Beekeeping is Highly Educational
  8. Bees Are Pollinators
  9. Farmers Want Your Bees
  10. Agriculture Depends on It
  11. Bee Populations Are Declining
  12. Native Bees No Longer Thriving
  13. Beekeeping Knowledge is Disappearing
  14. Bees Are Part of The Food Chain
  15. Bees Are Counting on Us
  16. You Love Honey and Beeswax

Interested in beekeeping? Check out our Beekeeping course offered through our adult education. 

Honorary Beekeeper donors will receive an exclusive opportunity to participate in the honey harvest this fall, a free jar of 2021 honey and a bee sticker to proudly display. Donors will also receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the donation.