Hand Tools - Loppers
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Hand Tools - Loppers

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Help our horticulture team work smarter not longer and harder!

The TBG horticulture team is in need of a variety of new tools. Time has taken it's toll on our equipment and our team is struggling with everyday tasks.

Our gardeners have been in the garden day in and day out during the closures to ensure the gardens looked beautiful for the return of our members and guests. But severe cuts to the budget due to COVID-19 means worn equipment hasn't been replaced.

Let's show our appreciation to the horticulture team! Purchase a piece of equipment that will help make their day a little easier!

Equipment needed:

 Loppers - 3 required

Thank you for your support!

NOTE: this is a donation for the purchase of equipment for the TBG horticulture department. No physical product is being sent to the donor.‚ Donors will be recognized for their support and will receive a tax receipt for the full value of their donation.