Crocus Yalta, 10 pack -Sativus Tops
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Crocus Yalta, 10 pack -Sativus Tops

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Crocus’ flowers, also known as ‘Crocus Sativus’, are hardy perennials that have relatively easy care. If you’re looking to attract pollinators, these are the flowers to choose; bees love them! When planted in September or October, you can expect purple blooms in January-March. These plants stay small at about 4 inches, making them good choices for flower beds and lawns. Bulbs should be placed 2 inches deep and 2 inches apart in a well-draining soil. While crocuses aren’t too fussy about soil composition, good drainage is needed to avoid any possible rotting. Consider adding bone meal to soil as well to ensure your bulbs are getting proper nutrition! These flowers grow best in zones 3-8 with full to partial sun, so densely shaded locations should be avoided for planting crocuses. Established blooms can self-propagate eagerly, but they can be easily divided to control where and how far they spread. 




Bulb Season

Fall, Sept - Dec 

Bulb size

Top Size


Jan - Mar


Full to partial sun


When needed, about 6” of water per week




10 cm (4 inches)

Plant Depth 


Space Apart