Calathea Dottie  4" pot (Goeppertia roseopicta)

Calathea Dottie 4" pot (Goeppertia roseopicta)

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Goeppertia roseopicta 'Dottie', also known as Calathea 'Dottie', is a rare plant that is characterized by its rich dark purple leaves and bright pink markings.  This plant loves humidity and moisture, it would do well in a bathroom and is overall an excellent houseplant!

Light - Bright indirect light.  Too much light and leaves will burn.

Water - Allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry out partially. In winter, we recommend watering less frequently to prevent over-watering and root rot. This plant is not very drought tolerant, and extended periods of dryness will cause leaf edges to brown.


Humidity - 67-80%, enjoys extra humidity, or being placed in a pebble or clay tray filled with water.