Bee & Bumblebee Bulb Blend Box - Lilac Wonder
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Bee & Bumblebee Bulb Blend Box - Lilac Wonder

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Bee & Bumblebee Lilac Wonderland

The flower shape determines to which insect a flower is attractive.  For example, butterflies have a long rolling tongue, which allows them to get nectar for flowers where bees and bumblebees, with their shorter tongue cannot go.  The flower colour also plays a role.  Bees and bumblebees are especially attracted to white, yellow and blue flowers.

The decorative box contains 50 pcs: 

I11x Muscari Azureum, 9x Chionodoxa Rosea, 17x Anemone Blanda Blue, 3x Hyacinthus Anastasia, 10x Puschkinia