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Bee Benefactor
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Bee Benefactor

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Are you a honey connoisseur? Do you have a nose for your florals?

Looking for a treat for your taste buds? Perhaps a collector of fine vintages? 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of TBG honey history.  

Six jars of honey spanning six years, 2015 through 2020. (2020 honey not shown). Own this unique piece of TBG honey history and experience the difference in the honey produced by our bees. 

Honey gets its colour from the pollen that a hive gathers to make it. Because plants blossom at different times of year and bees collect honey nearly year-round, a single hive can produce radically different colors of honey from season to season.

Only one package is available. Own this piece of history today and support the TBG in its continued efforts to support pollinators through our gardens!

Donor will receive six jars of TBG honey, have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the 2021 honey harvest, will receive a free jar of 2021 honey, and have the opportunity to speak with one of our beekeepers.

Donor will also receive a tax receipt for the full donation value.