Tree/Shrub - Item 012 - Rubus Spectabilis "Salmonberry"

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Rubus Spectabilis can grow 3-9 ft. tall, with erect to arching stems and trifoliate leaves. Stems are bristly below, less so above. The big, reddish-purple, solitary flowers appear before the pinnate, toothed foliage. The large, bright, showy petals surround a large cluster of stamens. An erect or sometimes leaning shrub with weakly armed stems, bright pink flowers, and yellow or salmon-red fruits that resemble a cultivated blackberry in all but color. The berry is raspberry-like and yellow to reddish.

The juicy fruit, which looks like a yellow or orange blackberry, is a welcome trailside snack, though too bland for some tastes. Indians ate not only the berries but also the tender young shoots. Numerous birds and animals also feast on the fruits, which may be abundant in good years. The deep pink flowers are distinctive and may occur along with the fruits.