Aeschynanthus radicans - Lipstick Plant - 6 inch Hanging Basket

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The Lipstick plant, is a popular and striking tropical evergreen perennial, often grown as a houseplant. It gets its name from the vibrant red and tubular flowers that appear above a burgundy bud. These flowers grow in clusters and, along with the waxy, glossy, green foliage, they have a cascading, vine-like habit. This makes them an ideal choice for use in hanging baskets or tall containers.

If the plant gets enough warmth, humidity, and filtered sunlight, you'll enjoy a prolific display of flowering through much of the year.  The more light it gets, the better lipstick plant will bloom. If you have a lipstick plant that won't produce flowers, try moving it to a brighter spot with filtered light. Water lipstick plant enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet or saturated for extended periods.

Lipstick plants are not toxic to animals or humans.