A Tree is a Home by Pamela Hickman
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A Tree is a Home by Pamela Hickman

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In this delightful exploration of the seasons in nature, an oak tree and its animal inhabitants change and grow over the course of a year --- just like their human neighbors!

A large old oak tree stands near an empty house. Like the house, the tree provides shelter and a place to raise a family. From its branches to its roots, six animals share the tree as a home. Readers follow along as the tree and the animals --- a raccoon, opossum, acorn weevil, gray squirrel, blue jay and chipmunk --- change and adapt through all four seasons, from one autumn to the next. Meanwhile, a human family moves into the empty house nearby, and we see their story unfold, and grow, at the same time as their animal neighbors.

Bestselling children's author Pamela Hickman provides a perfect introduction to nature's seasonal cycles in this charming picture book. In a unique approach, the informational text about the tree and animals is paired with a separate narrative told wordlessly through artwork about the human family's parallel lives. Zafouko Yamamoto's art alternates between the wider view encompassing the tree and the house and a focus only on the tree, where close-up illustrations highlight each animal's activities.