Herb Dill  Fernleaf

Herb Dill Fernleaf

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A dwarf variety of dill, growing to only 30-45cm (12-18"), Fernleaf dill bears tidy, bright yellow umbels that quickly ripen into masses of seed. The foliage from Fernleaf dill seeds maintains its distinct aroma, and compliments fish or can be used in dill pickles. This is a good dill variety for container growing.

The structure of dill's flowers is known as an umbel. Thus, dill is considered an umbelliferous plant. Other umbellifers include carrots, cilantro, fennel, parsnips, and Ammi. All of these plants are attractive to predatory insects such as lady beetles, Syrphid flies (hover-flies), lacewings, and tiny parasitoid wasps. Many organic gardeners like to grow dill precisely to attract these beneficial insects, as they will help control pest insects like aphids, thrips, whitefly, and the caterpillar of the Small White Butterfly (cabbage moth).

    • Attracts beneficial insects
    • Foliage maintains distinct aroma
    • Tidy, bright yellow umbels
    • Dwarf variety
    • Grows to only 30-45cm (12-18")