Plant a Pollinator!
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Plant a Pollinator!

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Let's help our pollinators by keeping TBG pollinator friendly! 

Pollination is not just fascinating natural history. It is an essential ecological survival function. Without pollinators, the human race and all of earth’s terrestrial ecosystems would not survive. Of the 1,400 crop plants grown around the world, i.e., those that produce all of our food and plant-based industrial products, almost 80% require pollination by animals. Visits from bees and other pollinators also result in larger, more flavorful fruits and higher crop yields.

 Adding pollinator friendly plants to the garden will keep our bees and other pollinators happy and healthy. The more variety of pollinator friendly plants, the more variety in the honey produced by our bees!

Your donation will support the planting of pollinator friendly plants at TBG. Support our bees today!

Donors will receive a package of pollinator friendly seeds to plant, a tax receipt for the value of the donation, and fun sticker to proudly display!