Wrendale ‘Piggy In The Middle’ Guinea Pig 260ml Water Bottle
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Wrendale ‘Piggy In The Middle’ Guinea Pig 260ml Water Bottle

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 260ml Water Bottle

Keep hydrated with this stylish small guinea pig water bottle from Wrendale designs. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, this bottle is perfect for someone whose always on the go or to accompany a lunch box.

This water bottle features three lovable small pets cuddling up on top of each other, painted in soft watercolour tones, in the signature style of Wrendale Designer, Hannah Dale. On one side of the bottle is a grey and white bunny rabbit with floppy ears rests on the bottom whilst a guinea pig sits ‘piggy in the middle’ on its back. Perched on the very top is a cute little mouse, with his scruffy brown fur. On the other side is a floppy rabbit design by Wrendale with long floppy ears and classic rabbit teeth. These are set against an attractive, soft pink background and is surrounded by the sporadic specks of black paint that Wrendale is known for. Each bottle is paired with a recyclable, illustrated tube that’ll make it look beautiful when you’re giving it as a gift! The illustrated gift tube features the same design of the trio of animals on the bottom half and on the top is the Wrendale Designs logo printed in a white, cursive font.

Made from stainless steel, this water bottle is durable and the screw on lid makes sure that the seal is secure enough that you can pop it in your bag without the worry of leakages or spillages. The insulation means that it is perfect for both keeping your water chilly for 12 hours when you’re hiking or cycling and ensuring your morning coffee stays hot on your commute!

We all know how good keeping hydrated is for you. With a capacity of 260ml, this lovely little bottle makes drinking enough much easier and more stylish. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas or Mother’s day, friends, family and loved ones are sure to love this stunning and sensible piece.