Sting of Bananas - Senecio radicans 6 inch hanging basket

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String of bananas and string of pearls (Curio rowleyanus) are both trailing succulents that can be grown with other drought-tolerant plants such as sedum, echeveria, and crassula to create a succulent garden. The key difference between the two plants is that string of bananas features oblong leaves, and string of pearls has pea-shaped leaves.

  • String of bananas do best in porous, well-draining soil
  • Wait until the soil is dried out before watering.   Be careful not to overwater, which can lead to root rot.
  • Choose a location with bright, indirect light. Place the string of bananas near a sunny window indoors. If you're planting outside, make sure the plant can receive both morning sunlight and afternoon shade. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves. Sparse foliage is a sign that your plant is not getting enough light, and if the leaves have brown tips, it's getting too much direct sun.
  • String of bananas thrives in warm weather. 
  • Toxicity.  If ingested, string of bananas is toxic to cats and dogs and mildly toxic to humans.