Tree - Japanese Maple Trees

Tree - Japanese Maple Trees

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A unique opportunity!

It has been a while since TBG has done any new tree plantings, however, we unfortunately lost seven (7) Japanese Maple trees over the winter and had to remove them. 

Help us replace these magnificent trees!  You may make a donation for the purchase of a new tree or donate the tree in memory/honour of a loved one. 


Japanese Maple Tree - 7 required

If you would like to donate for the purchase of a tree - $250 each. In recognition of your donation, a small plaque will be placed by the tree for a period of a year. 

If you would like to donate the tree in memory/honour - $5000 each. Tribute trees are donated in perpetuity (15 years) . A large plaque will be placed in front of the tree with your dedication. 

 Thank you for your support!

NOTE: this is a donation for the sponsorship of a Japanese Maple tree. No physical product is being sent to the donor. Donors will be recognized as stated above. TBG will contact donors for recognition information. Donors will receive a tax receipt for the full value of their donation.