Perma Stake 2 Sizes

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Mark a Spot to Remember

Aluminum Garden Markers for the Serious Gardener.

Reusable, Never rust.   Super Strong. Locally made.

Why Label your Plants?  A serious gardener wants to keep track of their plants! With PERMA-STAKE never again forget the botanical and common names of your favourite plants or lose track of your plantings.  Two sided, PEERMA-STAKE has a marking surface with sufficient room to label all necessary details.  All PERMA-STAKES have a hole for hanging if necessary.

PERMA-STAKE is a permanent marker that retains it's shape, easily pushes into any soil, is strong enough to use as a digger but is discrete in appearance.  A flat, sleek tapered form this stake is designed for function.

Mark it. Hang it. Reuse it.

Available in two sizes: 6 inch (8 per pack)  and 10 inch. (5 per pack)

Use with outdoor permanent pen.